Logan Volunteer Fire Company of Pedricktown

Department emblem featuring the Tazmanian Devil cartoon characterThe LVFC is an all volunteer agency that was originated in 1909 and incorporated in 1910. Located in Oldmans Township, Salem County, New Jersey, we protect a total of 22 square miles and have a population of approximately 1800 residents.

Within our Township we also protect 2 major highways – Interstate 295 and Route 130. We cover approximately six mile stretches on each. In addition to protecting our own community, we also assist surrounding communities with mutual aid as needed and requested.

The fire company is always looking for new members who are interested in participating and helping better serve the residents of Oldmans Township. We accept volunteers who live within Pedricktown and up to 6 miles outside the town’s boundaries.

Donate To Keep Us All Safe

As a volunteer company, we rely on the support of the community. Please consider donating to help us with our mission to keep all our residents and visitors safe. Your donation is tax deductible and even the smallest amount helps.

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If you would like to send in a check, please make it out to “Logan Volunteer Fire Company – Station 3” and either drop it off or mail it to 39 S Railroad Ave, Pedricktown, NJ 08067.

Become a Volunteer Firefighter!

Volunteer firefighters help their neightbors and fellow citizens in times of need. They enjoy a sense of accomplishment, achievement, and unparalleled pride in the work they do. Volunteer and you’ll learn new skills, make new friends, be a part of a team and give back to the community. In other words, you will make a real difference.

Volunteer firefighters in full gear lined up in front of a truck

Current Officers

  • President: William Miller
  • Treasurer: William Ferrell Jr.
  • Secretary: Samantha Moore

Line Officers

  • Chief: Jeffrey Moore
  • 1st Asst. Chief: Phyllis Moore
  • 2nd Asst. Chief: John Hofbauer
  • 3rd Asst. Chief: William Ferrell III

Salem County FIRE & EMS Live Audio Feed

Covering all of Salem County. Monitoring all 500 MHz conventional Fire-EMS Fireground and Dispatch frequencies. South Jersey Net for chopper request and LZ assignments.

Note: A brief 15-30 sec ad will play at the start of this feed.

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Did you know?

We also provide smoke detectors, fire safety inspections and will pump out your basement if it gets flooded?